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Our Vision

The Cardano Life project is a platform / community that aims to simplify, manage, analyze, promote information on nft projects on the Cardano blockchain. All the information will be posted on our platform, thus simplifying the access to the necessary information for the investor, the user, the enthusiasts. Our project has several advantages:
- Unique calendar. It is no longer necessary to search for information about new projects that have appeared or are in progress from other sources;
- VIP group;
- Collaboration with other projects;
- Future discount airdrop to vip members;
- 4 types of membership cards;
- VIP chat, jury, interesting new project

Abstract Background
Abstract Lines

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Cardano Life Tickets

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Sun Power


1.VIP Acces

2.Vip Giveaway 

3.20% discount of minting card

4.Acces to the Vip group where there are projects who give you automatically whitelist for only access their discord

5.Future airdrop of our Gift Cards

6.For 500 cards minted we will make 10% giveaway of the amount collected .


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